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Author Resume

Author Resume

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Born in August 1960 in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province.

In July 1977, he graduated from Yuyao High School in the Middle Central Fine Arts Class.

He graduated from Zhejiang Radio and Television University with a major in electronic engineering in February 1982.

Graduated from Zhejiang University (Remote) In Computer Science and Technology (Bachelor' degree) in July 2013

Joined the job in 1978. In 1994, he founded an electric measuring instrument manufacturing enterprise, a member of Zhejiang Artists Association, general manager of Ningbo Puyang Electric Measurement Instrument Co., Ltd., and a senior engineer (professional in electronic measuring instruments). Amateur engaged in art writing and creation, since Yuyao high school art class graduation has been more than thirty-nine years, still pen-and-write.

In January 2011, He was a painter and doctoral tutor at the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Wu Xiansheng.

Zhang Zhong loves the earth, respects labor, long-term stick to their artistic positions, and constantly explore the language of pen and ink. Good at sketching, especially pen sketching, often on the way to travel to write, to their own unique artistic way to record the local customs and customs;

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