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"Shunyang Electric Test" passed the evaluation of assured consumer units (rest assured factory)

  • Categories:Shunyang News
  • Author:General Manager
  • Origin:Ningbo Shunyang Electric Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2020-10-29
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      After receiving the notice from the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, our company has obtained the "Reliable Consumer Unit (Reassured Factory)" identification plate, which proves that it has passed the 2020 "Reliable Consumer Unit" evaluation and assessment.

      Reassured consumption evaluation work follows the principle of “cultivation first, evaluation later”. Before the end of June each year, the county (city, district) market supervision department formulates a list of “reliable consumer units” to guide the cultivation units to post a public commitment to assured consumption, and the provincial government supervises The laboratory listed the "reliable consumer units" cultivation targets as the inspection target. At the end of the year, the local market supervision department passed the operable qualitative and quantitative indicators of the "post-evaluation" system, and comprehensively analyzed the "portraits" of the cultivated units in the jurisdiction to determine whether they met the "reliable consumer units" "evaluation of

The evaluation shows that our company has been affirmed in the main business management, traceability of production materials, strict quality control standards, and perfect after-sales service, which will surely promote our company's efforts to improve quality and promote the new "Shunyang Electric Testing" development of.


(Reported by the General Manager's Office on October 29, 2020)

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