Ink, Spring and Autumn, Time Staying in Print-Focus on "Zhang Zhong's Sketch Art" Seminar

Ink, Spring and Autumn, Time Staying in Print-Focus on "Zhang Zhong's Sketch Art" Seminar

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  Yuyao News Network (Reporter Lou Xiaoling) On February 21, the 8-day "Spring Footsteps-Zhang Zhong Art Exhibition" was hosted by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles. The painting exhibition was held for the first time in Shunda Fortune Plaza. A total of 320 sketches, comic strips, illustrations and ink figure paintings created by Zhang Zhong, a painter of our city and member of the Provincial Artists Association in the past 40 years. In the "Zhang Zhong's Sketch Art" seminar that afternoon, dozens of painters and art enthusiasts from our city who visited the exhibition had a lively discussion about his person and his paintings, which not only provided Zhang Zhong with hard work in the future. The direction also provides suggestions for the development of our city’s art career.

  Pictures like others

  56-year-old Zhang Zhong is the general manager and senior engineer of Ningbo Shunyang Electrical Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. Since graduating from the art class of Yuyao Middle School in 1977, he has always maintained his artistic position and used his spare time to create. Western Han literaryist Yang Xiongyun: "Speaking is the voice of the heart; books, the heart is painting." The characters are like his own, and his character and personality can be seen from the characters written by a person. Traditionally, when discussing books, most of them first discuss their people. The same is true of paintings. For Zhang Zhong, the participants gave a unanimous evaluation-"good guy". What is "good"?

  One, serious and practical, love art. Huang Maofu, honorary chairman of the Municipal Artists Association, commented on Zhang Zhong in a "down-to-earth manner": "At work, we must respect business, be honest, quality first, and be trusted by customers; in painting, love art, sketch in heart, work hard, and work hard. Keep the times." Zhang Zhong’s old colleague and the monitor of the electronics class of the TV University, Wang Honglin said: "People who have worked with Zhang Zhong know that he is very serious and persistent in what he does. He likes to paint and paints constantly. Ten minutes between classes are not wasted."

  Secondly, hard work and perseverance. In the past 40 years, Zhang Zhong has created more than 700 works, and only a part of this exhibition is exhibited. Most of these works were created in the gaps between cars on holidays, evenings, and business trips. Zhang Chongxin, vice chairman of the Municipal Artists Association, said: "I have known Zhang Zhong for more than ten years and he has always been a role model for me. He is very hardworking. The last time I went to Wenling to sketch, I went out at 7:30 in the morning, but when I arrived He has finished drawing a sketch. He is very persistent. We sometimes paint Chinese paintings and sometimes print prints, but he insists on sketching." Zhang Guoyuan, the former principal of the City No. 2 Vocational Technical School, recalled that Zhang Zhong painted the cover of his calligraphy and painting "Five The experience of "Gui Lou" expressed that he was very touched. He said: "When Zhang Zhong painted the Wugui Tower, it was very hard. It was raining heavily. He held the umbrella in one hand and held the drawing board and the pen in the other to draw." "It's not easy! Zhang! Zhong insisted on painting for nearly 40 years and constantly improved himself. He did not simply repeat himself, but constantly improved his painting technique." said Xing Dunyong, a retired teacher.

  Third, love life, full of passion. Zhang Zhong loves life and likes to record social changes with his pen. Hu Xueyong, the former vice chairman of the Municipal Artists Association, said: “Synchronization with the development of the times is a great need for art works. Zhang Zhong has done it. He has a keen eye and can always capture new changes and new atmosphere in society.” Shidonghai City Hua Jianxin, dean of the Institute of Cultural Studies, believes that the main image in Zhang Zhong's paintings is laborers. He is "good at capturing and depicting the simple and vivid details of the laborers' lives, conveying the rhythm of the times, but also the rhythm of beauty." Wang Xinye, a member of the Municipal Art Association, said: “It is vulgar but not vulgar. Zhang Zhong’s works are very popular, but they are especially artistic and not at all vulgar. With his hand, he uses skillful brushwork to gather style in his life and seek the true style of me. "

   there is love in the painting

   Sketch is the most basic in the art of painting, and it is also the simplest way to record life. It has a very important position in the art of painting. It is characterized by the simplest lines and the fastest speed to describe the characteristics of the object, reflecting the creative characteristics of the painter. Zhang Zhong's sketches use fountain pens. The advantage is that the painting tools are easy to carry, but the disadvantage is that the lines in the works have little change in thickness and thickness. After years of hard work, Zhang Zhong has walked out of his own way. His straight lines are square and powerful, and his curves are soft and elegant. He was named "Zhang Zhong Lines" by experts. "Amateur status, professional level", the participants highly affirmed Zhang Zhong's painting creation.

   Zhang Zhong often travels all over the country and even overseas. Rich experience nourishes his works, provides him with a broad vision and a wide range of subjects. His works involve agricultural labor, transportation, university campuses, local scenery, former residences of celebrities, five waters and other aspects. Zhang Zhong pays attention to the construction of Binhai New City and the port. His paintings are from Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo·Zhoushan Port, Zhoushan Shenjiamen Fishing Port, Wenling Shitang Fishing Port; Acura new things, painting the new site of Yuyao People’s Hospital, Hangzhou Bay New District Industrial Park, Yiwu·China Commodity City headquarters, substation construction, flood fighting and fishing project renovation and renovation; like historic buildings, painting Yuyao Museum, Liangnong Anti-Japanese Base Area... Retired teacher Chen Guojun said: “Any literary work needs life experience. Zhang Zhong He has a rich life experience, so he can paint meaningful works."

  As a local painter, Zhang Zhong loves Yuyao, loves Yuyao's local customs, and his paintings of water villages exude a strong local flavor. Retired teacher Sun Meijun said: “His paintings are very down to earth. I have been watching paintings and even missed the opening ceremony. His paintings have memories of my childhood, and I am deeply moved after seeing them. Paintings are part of his life. "Zhu Kaiyi, a flower and bird painter from Yao Ji and former vice chairman of the Ninghai County Artists Association, went home to attend Zhang Zhong's painting exhibition. He also thought: "Zhang Zhong's paintings are very grounded. It is important to go deep into life. Those who paint must come to life. Go in. Only when there is life, can there be works. The composition and expression are all from nature and life."

  Zhang Zhong's painting, "One hand extends to life, the other hand to tradition". His old colleague Wang Honglin said: "For painting, I am a layman. But I think there is'truth' in his paintings. He has a painting of Tianjin West Railway Station. I am from Tianjin and I was very excited when I saw it. From my childhood memories, this Gothic terminal building, which reflects the history of modern Chinese railway development, was moved to the vicinity of Xinxi Station in 2009 using advanced technology. His paintings are not only for appreciation, but also for recording history. He keeps records and keeps a lot of things that no longer exist, such as the street scene of Jiangyuan Street in the past, such as the former residence of Shiyi in Houjielou... You can see the history of Yuyao from his paintings." Zheng Feijun, director of the City Art Association I think Zhang Zhong painted with great care and recorded some things that could be regarded as "cultural relics". Among so many works, Qian Baizhi, the former curator of the Municipal Cultural Center, is most impressed by the works related to the creation of Yuyao’s historical and cultural city and the construction situation of the 30 years of reform and opening up. He feels that these works record Yuyao’s history and retain those The disappearing monuments.

   painting endless

   In early March, several female painters in our city held a joint exhibition with the support of multiple units. On February 21st, they also participated in the seminar and expressed their views on Zhang Zhong's paintings, saying that they would learn from Zhang Zhong. Wang Saier, a member of the Municipal Art Association and a retired art teacher, said: "The touch is very touching, Zhang Zhong painted with great care. Although I am older, I have to learn from him, and no matter how good I draw sketches." She likes to paint, but suffers from no time. She said: "Mr. Zhang can spare time to paint in such a busy schedule, which is especially worthy of my study. His works come from life, and I have to go out and paint more." Han Yajuan, a member of the Municipal Art Association, knew Zhang Zhong very early. At the age of about 20, she had just joined the Municipal Artists Association and went to Liangnong to sketch with her seniors. She remembers that at that time she took a camera and took pictures everywhere in the mountains, while Zhang Zhong was sitting there quietly recording with a paintbrush. She felt that she should learn from Zhang Zhong's perseverance, step by step, think more about painting, and pursue her dream of painting.

   To learn and learn from each other, it is natural to have "good medicine". At the seminar, participants gave Zhang Zhong a lot of opinions and suggestions based on their own life experience and painting practice. Huang Maofu put forward suggestions for the line treatment of the character image: “You can draw more characters. When Zhang Zhong painted landscapes or costumes of the characters, the lines are smooth and casual. Relatively speaking, the line treatment of the character image is a little weaker.” Now, “ The concept of "Internet +" involves all aspects. Zhang Zhongxin feels that Zhang Zhong can seize the opportunity to establish a website and pass his sketching experience to more people through the Internet. At the same time, he hopes that Zhang Zhong can communicate with young painters and art lovers in our city more and take on the heavy responsibility of "passing and leading".

(Source: Yuyao News Net-Yuyao Daily Editor: Yang Yueyun)


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