Yangming Hospital in my mind

Yangming Hospital in my mind

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1. Me and Yangming Hospital

After the typhoon "Fit" and heavy rains, disaster relief, and self-rescue during production, today after the "Beginning of Winter", I accompanied my elderly mother to the hospital history exhibition held by the Municipal People's Hospital (Yangming Hospital) for retired employees. Room tour and tea party. Everyone sat in the spacious and bright multifunctional hall, narrating the tremendous changes that reform and opening up and forge ahead have brought to the hospital, and joy leaped to their hearts. As an accompanying child, I also felt this warm moment.

My mother Dong Huijuan was transferred to Yangming Hospital from Yuyao Middle School in 1963. At that time, she left her mathematics teaching position. After she came to the hospital, she worked in accounting, library management, and medical record statistics, and finally she worked as a statistician. retirement. At that time, I was in the middle and high school of Yuyao Middle School. Since my home is in Fangjingtou (Gaoqiang Lane) outside Dongmen, which is far away from No. 1 Middle School, I ate in the hospital cafeteria at noon. After several years, I have known many hospitals with superb medical skills. Uncles and aunts with noble morals are familiar with the plants and trees of the hospital. My friends and I were playing in front of the big lawn, wearing small military uniforms with a "Red Sentinel" certificate hanging on the chest, taking pictures under the cedar, and reading newspapers and periodicals in the library of the small western-style building... These memories from my youth are so. Beautiful.

In July 1976, as a high school student, I was also allowed to participate in the county’s primary and secondary school art teacher training class. One day, I drew a pen sketch with the highest building in the hospital: the inpatient department of the hospital built in 1947. It has become a testimony to history, and this sketch of 37 years ago has now been collected by the hospital history room.

Today, I am still receiving the hospital newspaper sent by Yangming Hospital, which allows me to read more touching articles on saving lives, healing the wounded, building spiritual civilization and academic exchanges in our hospital. |

2. In the old days, I felt the love of the elders

As the most important medical institution, Yangming Hospital at that time was already shouldering the main responsibility of providing medical care for the general public in Yuyao.

At the same time, the hospital is like a big family, friendly and full of warmth. Despite the limited hardware conditions, it left me a deep impression of being helpful. Many of my mother's colleagues are good friends with sincere contacts. They still keep in touch with each other, and they have always passed on a strong friendship and sincerity. They have always been elders whom I respect.

Take my family as an example. My great-grandmother had asthma and had swollen feet. Since my home is outside the east gate, it is inconvenient to see a doctor. Aunt Xiao Gao (Gao Ying) in the laboratory used the rest days to help us borrow a cart from the hospital many times and took my great-grandmother to the hospital. Yes, my grandma, who is lying on the cart by hand, is walking on the stone road, and we do not have the skill and strength of the person who pulls the cart. From the back street, the top of the city, Gongong Road, Renmin Road to Tongjiang Bridge and then go hospital. At that time, the road to the south of the hospital was different from the straight healthy road. It was a stone road with a river in it, which was inconvenient and dangerous. We were sweating profusely. My young heart was infected by Aunt Xiao Gao’s spirit of helping others, and then I would follow the example and do some good things within my power.

My family also received care and help from other uncles and aunts from the hospital. Medical staff like Cao Jingjun’s mother, Zhou Lili’s mother, Mei Lunhui’s mother, Cao Huijun’s aunt Cao Huijun and so on, all came to our home to treat my great-grandmother or ask for help. At that time, the hospital often I have a meeting to study in the evening. If my mother goes home late, father-in-law Aqing, who is attending the canteen, will go with my mother and escort him to my home before returning to his home in the eastern suburbs.

My mother sometimes also supports the registration room and the charge room. I remember that I accompanied my mother on night duty registration. At that time, I belonged to the "down" "incumbent" and the uncle Shi Yunquan who was on the midnight shift used the stove to simmer me with fragrant rice cakes. .

In the spring of 1975, I graduated from junior high school, but I had to wait until autumn to go to high school. So I took part in the "remedial transition" class organized by Yuyao Middle School to work in Lubu Reservoir. There are many children of hospital staff among my partners. The students also got the love of Han Yuhui's mother who was transferred from Yangming Hospital to the medical room of the Lubu Reservoir. Mother Han was full of energy and enthusiasm at the time. She cared for us children who were laying on the floor and living in the warehouse next to the dam in terms of safety and hygiene.

The impression from my childhood has been deeply rooted in my heart. Now I will visit my elders on behalf of my parents and let me worry about Aunt Xiao Gao who was later transferred to Deqing County People’s Hospital. When I have the opportunity to travel to Deqing on business, I will visit this respectable aunt who has retired for many years. I will bring greetings from my mother and many aunts and mothers. I will also take a group photo to share with relatives and friends. Everyone is immersed in happiness and joy. in.

3. At present, an ode to the Yangming Hospital I love

Today, the People’s Hospital (Yangming Hospital) in the east of the city covers a total area of ​​280 acres and a construction area of ​​156,000 square meters for the first phase. It has become the largest, most complete facility, and strongest technical force in Yuyao City. , Research, teaching, preventive health care, and rehabilitation. It is also Zhejiang Wenming Hospital, with nearly 5,000 outpatient visits per day, and it is a leader among third-level and B-level hospitals. The hardware conditions and management level of county-level hospitals in eastern Zhejiang and even in Zhejiang are first-class. In order to express my feelings for Yangming Hospital and want to use my clumsy hands to depict the majestic appearance of Yangming Hospital today, I took advantage of the National Day break to come to the east of the city and drew a picture of "City" showing the outpatient and emergency building and the inpatient building. I wanted to dedicate this article and the sketch to my beloved Yangming Hospital when I accompany my mother to the meeting on October 9th. Because of the typhoon "Fitt" from October 6th to 8th. "As well as the heavy rain that brought it, the meeting was postponed, so I only submitted it today.

I was informed that in the face of the unseen flood in this century, the medical staff of Yangming Hospital have overcome unimaginable difficulties. They are united, stick to their posts and courageously respond, especially for emergency diagnosis and treatment of a large number of trauma patients caused by disasters. It stabilized the people's anxiety in seeking medical treatment and medicine, and wrote another brilliant movement in Yuyao. I am proud of our hospital!


Pen sketch: "New Site of Chengdong·City People's Hospital"-Outpatient and Emergency Building and Inpatient Building

I wish the hospital a better tomorrow!

——Zhang Zhong November 11, 2013

(pictures and texts were published in the last issue of Yuyao People's Hospital in December 2013)

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