Take root in the people and enhance the spirit

Take root in the people and enhance the spirit

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——Learn and understand the spirit and experience of General Secretary Xi’s literary and art work seminar hosted in Beijing

  【Summary】This article is a summary of the author's learning and understanding of the spirit and experience of General Secretary Xi's literary and art work seminar held in Beijing. Over the years, the author has made useful explorations in keeping up with the times, rooting in the people, and reflecting life in painting creation. The author wants to truly adhere to the guiding position of Marxism; promote emotional exchanges with the painting objects (laborers); practice a "real" word, and strive to paint works that reflect the times and embody humanities; make more thematic creations, and strive to " It’s touching; the refinement of ideas and political sensitivity; responsible for cultural dissemination; the speech will promote his creation towards a more pragmatic road and the conclusion has a total of eight topics, reporting his own learning experience and academic exploration.

   I deeply feel the importance of the conversation between General Secretary Xi and a group of art and art people in Beijing on October 15, 2014. I have written a study experience of "Spring Breeze Blows the Face and Hearts", and now I will further study and implement it.

1.We must truly adhere to the guiding position of Marxism

   Regarding the role of literature and art in cultivating and practicing the core values ​​of socialism, General Secretary Xi pointed out to representatives of the literature and art circles that our society is in an era of great collision of ideas and cultural exchanges, and many problems have emerged. One of the most prominent problems is that some people lack correct values, their opinions are not good or evil, right and wrong have no bottom line, they dare to do anything that violates party discipline and national laws, they don’t have a national concept, a collective concept, and a family concept, and they don’t tell right or wrong. The beauty and ugliness, the ugly, the extravagant desire, the good and the bad, and the poor but not the prostitution. In such a society, to what extent will people's spirits degenerate? To

   As early as 2004 when Comrade Xi Jinping worked in Zhejiang, Secretary Xi said at the Fifth Congress of the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences: "True", "Emotion", "Reality" and "Intention", that is, to follow the development of human society and history. Do things regularly. To "truth" means to truly adhere to the guiding position of Marxism, adhere to the guidance of Marxism, and never engage in diversification in guiding ideology. This is a position and a theoretical positioning.

   Combined with literary and artistic work, I think it is to write for the people and sing for the times. It is not only the responsibility of every literary and art worker, but also a common wish to serve the country. The desire for the country to improve its cultural atmosphere can only be embodied by the vast number of literary and art workers by creating excellent works. This requires us to sink down, catch the ground, refuse to be impetuous, and devote ourselves to creation. Actively promote social mainstream values, adhere to the Chinese cultural standpoint, adhere to high-level artistic pursuits, and uphold high moral sentiments. Keep the bottom line of art and values ​​with cultural consciousness. Don't be vulgar or flattering; you can't replace artistic standards with simple commercial standards. Dare to take up the weapon of criticism and self-criticism in order to promote the healthy development of literature and art; we must also have the courage to explore, seek artistic breakthroughs, enhance social value, and promote the prosperity of literature and art.

   We are located in Zhejiang. As a member of the cultural province, we must deeply understand the general secretary’s thoughts, improve the literary and art work in time, actively adapt to the society, serve the times, take on more cultural responsibilities, and show the spirit of Zhejiang. More works that describe the process of Zhejiang people's construction and development of Zhejiang, and strive to increase the space in the transmission of positive energy, which is also a concrete manifestation of "the responsibility of keeping the land."

  Zhejiang spirit is the driving force to promote hard-working entrepreneurship, dedication to the age, and social progress and economic development.

   formed the Zhejiang Spirit with the "Three Thousand Spirit". Relying on Zhejiang’s own strength, Zhejiang was unreliable and produced self-rescue during the huge flood caused by the heavy rainfall caused by typhoon "Fite" in October 2013. Numerous volunteers dedicated themselves to the rescue, and the People’s Liberation Army rushed to help. The people in the disaster area, under the unified command of the higher-level organization, support each other. Zhejiang Electric Power selected 5000 warriors from the grass-roots power supply units to form various teams to come to Yuyao, the hardest hit area of ​​the flood, to implement temporary emergency power supply and large-scale emergency repairs... , Should be good themes we praise;

   Our construction achievements, such as the design and construction of the Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge, won the highest score (97.14 points) in the national bridge engineering quality appraisal on July 17, 2011, and passed the national completion acceptance. It is a new challenge for modern bridge construction in our country, and a new record in the history of bridge construction in the world. The bridge finally succeeded. Eight points of experience are worthy of in-depth and meticulous preliminary work, professional project management, solid production safety foundation, effective quality management measures, excellent and effective fine management, close reliance on technological innovation, government supervision and management in place, and outstanding expert consultation. Summary and promotion. The bridge won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, Luban Award, Zhan Tianyou Award, National Quality Investment Project Award, "One Hundred Years Outstanding Civil Engineering", and the Twelve Wonder Bridges of the World. It is playing an irreplaceable role as a transportation link.

In the past five years, Zhejiang’s high-speed train network has emerged from nothing. It has not only created convenient and comfortable travel conditions for everyone, but also provided a new engine for the economic development of our province. I am proud of being a Zhejiangese and a non-Zhejiang working in Zhejiang. People of nationality are also proud of it;

  The story of Yiwu, a modern international small commodity city, was born from the "chicken feathers for sugar". In today's global economic downturn, many countries are providing a variety of reasonably priced and competitive commodities. ...Wait, there are many examples. We art workers have a more responsibility to pay attention to and describe these epic stories around us to enhance our Zhejiang spirit.

   The Fifth Plenary (Expanded) Meeting of the 13th CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee put forward the development goal of "Building a Beautiful Zhejiang and Creating a Beautiful Life", weaving a beautiful dream for the people of Zhejiang. As Xu Jiang, the chairman of the Provincial Artists Association and the president of the Chinese Academy of Art, said: Artists must be equal and have a visual mission of “creating beauty” for the people. Therefore, the Zhejiang fine arts circle should devote their passion to “two Going in the construction of beauty. (See the second edition of "Art News" 2014.07.12, "Concentrically Shape Beauty and Weave Beautiful Dreams") I understand that more cultural awareness and responsibility are needed. This is what Zhejiang, a major cultural province, should undertake. From the many man-made bus explosions in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places in the previous period, we have seen that our works need to use the power of personality to convey positive energy, lead the people, enhance the spirit, and reduce negative factors. There are so many positive examples of the spirit that you need to discover and record. The times need Lei Feng, and the times are continuing to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, and the spirit of Lei Feng promotes the times to move on the road of mutual love, harmony and civilization. Our author should make a difference in visual communication in this regard. Chairman Xu Jiang believes that the purpose of artistic creation should be to comfort people's hearts and express the spirit of an era and a nation. It fully illustrates its importance. This is the best way to learn and practice the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s discussion with artists in Beijing.

Reflecting the times, recording changes, enlightening life, deep thinking, enhancing ideas, and encouraging progress are all what a painter should do and is my responsibility; "inspiring people with excellent works"-this is also our ongoing "being civilized" In the activity of "Chongde Yuyao People" art workers should work hard.

   Let’s talk about my efforts in art creation and sketching in accordance with General Secretary Xi’s speech:

2. Promote emotional exchanges with painting subjects (workers)

  1. Focus on embodying people's activities in the picture, making the content more vivid and full of life

  2. The picture is bigger, the field is deeper, and the content is more

  3. Compared with the past, the strokes are more relaxed and free, which makes the picture vivid

  4. Keep drawing and sketching for a long time

  5. Through sketching, I became familiar with the objects, which brought convenience to the creation of scenes or figure paintings, and also made myself feel happy.

  6. ​​From the original painting scene to gradually combining the painting scene with the painting project site and painting theme, trying to become a story picture, its meaning will be broader.

  7. Pay attention to society, care for life, and draw more works that are combined with social reality and status quo.

  Paying attention to social development, caring for life, and advocating justice are also the duty of the painter. It is the duty of the painter to show the image of the workers' perseverance and tenacious fighting, so as to show the beauty of the spirit, which not only promotes the emotional exchange with the workers, but also highlights the “sentiment” The words also reflect the process of the painter's social responsibility.

  8. The size is also larger, and the characters are gradually being multi-person; try to have more actions in the theme promotion.

  9. Selection of sketches and accumulation of works

3. Practice a "real" word, and strive to draw works that reflect the times and embody humanities

  The interview process is actually the process of my own soul training. From setting the topic to collecting the scene, I feel my emotions and understanding of the workers have been sublimated. Life practice itself is a history book, and I have benefited a lot.

4. Do more thematic creations, try to touch people with "intention"

  1. Created a large-scale theme painting "High-speed Rail Builders"

  2. Created the ink and sketch group painting "From the beginning to the beginning, the water control is strong in Yuyao"

5. Refinement of ideas, political sensitivity

  1. We must not only pay attention to the accumulation and refinement of ideas, but also have political sensitivity

  2. Squeeze time to create with real emotions

6. Responsible for cultural communication

7. The speech promotes my creation towards a more pragmatic road

  1. To convey positive energy and strive to make the work moving

  2. Raise the ideological level of the work

  3. Strive to reflect the spiritual outlook and colorful life of modern people

8. Conclusion

  The above is my own experience of learning from General Secretary Xi’s speech at the literary symposium and practice sketching. I will overcome difficulties and work diligently to create unforgettable visual works, drawing close to the people and connected with the nation. , Works that reflect the fiery life of the working people, and will work hard for this purpose.


【This article was invited to the first "Shunjiang Cultural Think Tank Forum" hosted by Yuyao Donghai Urban Culture Research Institute on November 18, 2014, to report to the experts and scholars attending the meeting to learn and understand General Secretary Xi’s literary and art work seminar hosted in Beijing, spiritual experience and peaceful practice The speech of the event.】


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