The spring breeze warms people's hearts

The spring breeze warms people's hearts

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  I haven't watched TV for quite a while, because I am creating and drawing a batch of illustrations in my spare time. But on the evening of October 15, 2014, I occasionally saw news from the Internet that General Secretary Xi had a seminar with a group of artists in Beijing in the morning, which aroused my desire for details. I watched the evening news on CCTV that night, and watched the focus interview the next day. I have read various articles and comments on the Internet in the past few days, and I deeply feel that the value of this symposium to the literary and artistic career is higher than that of the same kind in the past. What the meeting does not have. For this reason, I couldn't help but feel a lot of emotions, just a few words.

1. Feel the precise pulse of General Secretary Xi's art work

  Regarding the role of literature and art in cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism, some of the issues discussed by General Secretary Xi can be described as "deafening." The general secretary pointed out to the literary and artistic representatives that our society is in an era of great collision of ideas and great cultural exchanges, and many problems have arisen. One of the most prominent problems is that some people lack correct values, their opinions are not good or evil, right and wrong have no bottom line, they dare to do anything that violates party discipline and national laws, they don’t have a national concept, a collective concept, and a family concept, and they don’t tell right or wrong. The beauty and ugliness, the ugly, the extravagant desire, the good and the bad, and the poor but not the prostitution. In such a society, to what extent will people's spirits degenerate?

2.Feel the care of General Secretary Xi to art workers

  Through this symposium, Xu Jiang, the vice chairman of the Chinese Artists Association and the president of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, felt from General Secretary Xi his cordial care for the vast number of literary and art workers, and felt a kind of "general kindness". Xu Jiang believes that this is mainly reflected in General Secretary Xi's profound understanding of literature and art, and his full understanding and trust in the majority of artists. This kind of "kindness" is intertwined with General Secretary Xi's broad literary vision.

3.Feel good meeting style

  At this symposium, General Secretary Xi and everyone were seated in the nearest position and had an equal, relaxed, free, and interactive dialogue. This process not only shows the general secretary's easy-going and pragmatic style, but also allows the artists to speak freely. The general secretary has repeatedly asked the 90-year-old Mr. Feng Qiyong if he wants to rest or stand up and walk around. This reflects the respect of the central leadership for artists and the respect for the elderly. The artists participating in the three-hour symposium felt that the time was still too fast. So we say that meetings are not about the number or length, but about the quality and the gold content of the meeting. Important meetings still need to be open and complete, allowing participants to fully express their thoughts, and achieving consistent steps and clear directions is success. Yan Su, an 84-year-old military screenwriter, said after the meeting: He has participated in many seminars, but this is the first time he has been so pragmatic.

   There were no "superior people" to "emphasize" and "point out" at this symposium. Instead, a form of free communication appeared, which created a brand new model for our future reforms in conference style and research!

4.Feel the return of literary criticism

  On October 16, 2014, at the Symposium on Studying the Spirit of Xi Jinping's Important Speech held by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Zhao Shi, secretary of the Party Group of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, recalled and interpreted General Secretary Xi's exposition on art work. Zhao Shi felt that a new trend of "strengthening criticism" in the cultural world is about to emerge; in the words of the general secretary, "literary criticism is to criticize. It cannot be praise or even vulgar flattery or flattery; Western theories cannot be used to tailor China. Human aesthetics cannot be replaced by simple commercial standards for artistic standards."

   For a long time, there has been little real sharp and weighty criticism in the cultural world. Zhao Shi said frankly that the words of the general secretary forced the writers and artists to re-examine the word "criticism". The general secretary believes that "the function of literary criticism and criticism is weakened and lacks combat effectiveness and persuasiveness, which is not conducive to the healthy development of literature and art." Zhao Shi smiled and recalled that General Secretary Xi made a vivid analogy at the literature and art work symposium-"Art and literature" Critics should do the work of'cutting out the rotten apples' as Lu Xun said, cutting out the rotten apples, and leaving the good ones to eat. They can't just because they are friends, they can't look up and see each other, or wipe their faces." The more the truth is argued, the clearer it is.” Art criticism and creation should have formed a virtuous circle.

   In Zhao Shi’s view, General Secretary Xi gave an "operational guide" on how to "steer a good literary criticism"-writers and artists must be brave enough to face critics who criticize their shortcomings and treat them with respect; literary criticism Artists should seek truth from facts in terms of the quality and level of artistic works, have the courage to express their attitudes towards the phenomenon of various bad literary works, and have the courage to express their stand on issues of right and wrong, and create a good atmosphere for literary criticism.

5.Feel the heart of the participating artists to serve the country and the desire to improve the country’s cultural atmosphere

   Screenwriter Yan Su said at the symposium, “I have been eager for a clear and powerful voice from the central government to reproduce the bright sky of literature and art.... I look forward to this conference to invigorate the deaf, moisten things and sail.” Yes, write for the people. , To sing for the times, this is the common wish of the participating artists and the majority of literary and art workers to serve the country. But the effect after the implementation is still quite far from the times, which has made General Secretary Xi uneasy. He proposed to organize this symposium more than half a year ago, and he also hosted the meeting himself. The speech of the general secretary expressed the aspirations of the participating artists. The speech of the general secretary of this symposium is like a compass, pointing out the direction during the voyage of a literary and artistic ship; it is like a spring breeze that warms the hearts of all literary and art workers; it also makes the general public feel the future That is to say, we will read, see, and hear different, more grounded and outstanding literary works to enhance our spiritual taste. 

6.Impetuous in the work

  The current literary creation is "there is quantity but quality, there is plateau but no peak", this is the original words of General Secretary Xi. Mr. Tan Lihua of the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles said in a speech at the seminar and study meeting of the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles: The impact of the economic boom is very serious. General Secretary Xi said that for quite some time, I have seen so many friends from the art and cultural circles, so They talked about their feelings about the current culture. It was a coincidence that everyone said two words "impulse." We should overcome impetuousness and concentrate on creating. I think that although impetuousness is a social ethos, it is also formalism, one of the "four winds". For example: On the surface, we have completed a certain propaganda task, but what is the effect? There is no special evaluation. The money that should be spent has been spent, the things that should be publicized have been publicized, the awards have been awarded, and the political achievements have been presented. But did the people really leave a deep impression? Is the work beneficial to the social and cultural heritage? Conducive to spiritual civilization propaganda? No one pays attention anymore. Therefore, I believe that the phrase "style building is always on the road" is always correct! The party's mass line education practice activity is a long-term and lasting activity, and it will never stop.

   My suggestion: Encourage authors who devote themselves to creation, create a more relaxed external environment for them, and publicize success stories in this area to encourage them.


  1. Why the central government has been talking about it for many years, but the cultural consciousness still has no great results?

   The Central Government hopes that the majority of literary and art workers will actively promote mainstream social values, adhere to the Chinese cultural standpoint, adhere to high-level artistic pursuits, and uphold high moral sentiments. Keep the bottom line of art and values ​​with cultural consciousness.

   Judging from the holding of this forum, there is still a lot of room for improvement. It shows that the literary and artistic circles are still waiting, waiting for the speech of the central leader. And unable to adapt on their own initiative. There is a greater distance from the desire to achieve "cultural awareness". This is due to both the system and its own factors. After all, our agencies and individuals at all levels need to promptly pick up the weapon of criticism and self-criticism. Once holding this sharp weapon in hand, how can there be difficulties that cannot be overcome? How can there be an unbreakable fortress? However, how many people dared to stand up and speak just before? And criticism and self-criticism are still the fine traditions of the Chinese Communist Party.

  Take fine art as an example. The Central Committee has already issued the criteria and requirements for the selection of art works in the National Exhibition, and many authors are working towards this standard. But the flexibility in actual implementation is very large. The selected works, and even those rated as excellent works, are not always implementing the requirements. Let’s start with the 13th Zhejiang Fine Arts Exhibition held not long ago. Works showing the spirit of Zhejiang are scarce, and cultural responsibilities are insufficient. Works describing the process of Zhejiang’s construction and development of Zhejiang are rare. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the communication of.

   Through this symposium, we can imagine that the implementation of this standard will increase.

  2. Profoundly comprehend the thoughts of the general secretary, improve the art work in time, actively adapt to society and serve the times

  General Secretary Xi has actually made a lot of speeches on cultural aspects. After this symposium, we realized that the original understanding and implementation of the requirements of the general secretary were still insufficient.

   If General Secretary Xi cannot arrange the time for this symposium, it will not be completed. What will it be like? Maybe we are still waiting, some adjustments in artistic creation and performance will be delayed.


  Advanced culture demonstrates the country's soft power and is the true strength behind the country's strength. This symposium will surely leave a deep memory among the masses of artists and the people, make comprehensive adjustments, and fundamentally change our culture of literature and art, and the enhancement of our comprehensive national strength will be just around the corner.


——Author: Zhang Zhong October 20, 2014


【Note: 2014.10.20 was published in the column "Study General Secretary Xi hosted a speech at a symposium on literature and art in Beijing" on the website of Yuyao Federation of Literature and Art. Original works cannot be reproduced without permission!】


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