Remembering Mr. Yang Ying

Remembering Mr. Yang Ying

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On the morning of April 6, 2016, I read an obituary from Yuyao Daily: Dear Mr. Yang Ying passed away two days ago! But I can't keep up with the farewell ceremony held on the morning of the 6th, which makes me feel very sad. Dear Mr. Yang: When I visited the ward of a hospital on February 10 (the third day of the first month), you looked at me with a smile, and I reported to you and reviewed the newly published books. You were in good spirits at that time. , Why did you leave us suddenly!

Looking back on Mr., made me sigh with emotion, recalled a few past events, and aroused my admiration for him.

Twenty years ago, I started to participate in painting exhibition activities, and Mr. Yang is a celebrity of Yao Jiang Poetry Society and Municipal Academy of Painting and Calligraphy. During the activity, I gradually got to know this knowledgeable, kind attitude and caring young elder.

I remember that in the 1997 calligraphy and painting exhibition celebrating the return of Hong Kong to Hong Kong, I drew an ink painting "Mr. Jiang Zhixian" and a set of sketches praising my hometown, which was recommended by Mr. Yang and many elders and became the city. Painter in the painting and calligraphy institute.

At that time, because my company was on Chengxia Road, I often met Mr. Yang who was passing by when I went out. My husband would stop and ask me about my production and operation, and understand my study and creative activities. He also encouraged me from time to time.

In the summer of 1999, I plan to publish "Zhang Zhong's Sketch Collection". The title of the book has been inscribed for me by the famous painter Liu Wenxi, but the preface has not yet arrived. I would like to ask Mr. Yang Ying, a well-known scholar in my hometown, to make a preface, and I went to visit Mr. Yang's home. After I reported to Mr. Yang on my efforts in sketching, Mr. Yang readily agreed. Soon, Mr. Yang wrote for me "A Thousand Miles of Confucianism" (Preface).

In June of the second year, at the "Zhang Zhong's Sketch Collection" publication seminar organized by the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Federations, Mr. Yang displayed his congratulatory poem "Life is Infinitely More Exploring", which he congratulated me on the publication of the Sketch Collection, which moved me. At the end of 2000, Mr.'s personal collection of works "Nine Layers of Clay" also included two poems, "Infinite Quest for Life" and "A Thousand Miles in the Distance".


On September 11, 2010, at Mr. Yang Ying’s house, Mr. took a photo with the author after writing the cover of "Representative Style"

At that time, at the Municipal University for the Elderly, my husband served as the main lecturer of poetry, and listened to my father as a student. My husband often talked about some examples. He affirmed and supported my amateur painting efforts in public on many occasions. This made frequent business trips at that time. I feel the warmth from my hometown even more; it also makes me realize that this is the care and expectation of my husband for our young and middle-aged authors.

In the early spring of 2010, the People's Congress of Yangming Street in our city prepared a pen-and-ink portrait collection and commissioned me to draw it. In September, I asked Mr. Yang to inscribe the title of the book "Representative Style", and the final title of the book was determined by Zhejiang People's Fine Arts Publishing House as "Portrait Collection of Pen Drawing Characters". Looking at Mr. Yang's powerful, individualized "elegance" calligraphy, I feel that what is conveyed through the text is not his strong feelings for his hometown!

In the New Year of 2005, I sat with my husband while attending the Spring Festival Art Gala organized by the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles. I expressed to the elderly my wish to make a painting for him, and I made an appointment to discuss the specific details. A few days later, I came to Mr. Yang’s house for an interview. Mr. carefully suggested that I should draw a picture for it. I had gone through all the hardships and drove a trolley full of a barrel of diesel over the high ground and assaulted Siming Mountain. The story of shipping. The husband told me that during the transportation, because it was dark and unfamiliar with the mountainous terrain, the trolley swooped down from the mountain along the steep slope and rushed out of the road. If it weren’t for a pile of yellow sand in front of him, he was decisively pressing the bar , Otherwise, even the car and the people will be turned into the abyss... It would be more appropriate to describe this danger.

I couldn't think of a good way to cut it, and for quite some time after that, I couldn't write. In addition, there were a lot of business trips and it was difficult to meditate, so it dragged on for four years!

The National Day of 2009 is approaching. I thought that this was the only ink painting I had promised to paint for my husband. I couldn't drag it anymore, so I finally started writing. Trying to portray his upright and tenacious character, and show the image of the master's profound and wise man.

Judging from the finished work, these have been revealed. And in the distance of the picture, the rugged mountain roads also hinted at the difficulty of transporting diesel, but due to the limitation of my creative ability at that time, I failed to show the dangerous situation in the picture. For this propositional painting, I dragged on for several years before writing, and my husband never urged or blamed me, which made me very guilty.sy

On October 9, 2009, I painted the finished Chinese painting "Mr. Yang Ying" before mounting

The day I went to my husband's house to send the painting was the happiest day for my wife and I. It was the evening of October 9, 2009, and I submitted the painting to my husband. I thought again: It’s most suitable for the poem to be written by the husband himself and the inscription in the painting!

In the following years, when I visited my husband’s house, I would mention whether my husband had paid for the payment. He was no longer comfortable and calmly answering me, which made me worry about it. I gradually realized that I was too late to finish it, and it would be great if I finished it a few years earlier. Because he was still more energetic at that time.

What I didn't expect was that my family told me that this painting is no longer available. The 2013 typhoon "Fett" flooded many places in Yuyao City. The painting was not spared. The painting was soaked and damaged by water and has been cleaned. After knowing this, I am very sorry that it is a painting that has been devoted to me for many years! And what I left is only the photo before mounting!

I can't forget the affection of my husband to me. Over the years, I have visited my husband every year. In the past few years, I had not been able to see my husband, so I could only ask others to show my wishes. In recent years, I have always visited Mr....

In late February this year, during my solo exhibition exhibition, I took out this enlarged photo of my work and put it into the frame to show the demeanor of Mr. Yang Ying, the elder I respect. This is the only one in the 320 works on display that replaces the original with a 10-inch photo. It is also a way for me to pay my respects to the 90-year-old gentleman who has gone through hardships, is loyal to the motherland, has great love, and dedicated himself.

Mr. Yang, rest in peace!

——Zhang Zhong April 27, 2016

(published in Yuyao Daily 6th edition on May 13, 2016)

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