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Zhang Zhong: The pen love of an entrepreneur

Zhang Zhong: The pen love of an entrepreneur

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  • Author:Reporter Hu Jinzhong
  • Origin:Yuyao News Net, Yuyao Daily
  • Time of issue:2019-03-18
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   Yuyao News Network (Reporter Hu Jinzhong) Not long ago, the excellent calligraphy, art and photography exhibition of Yuyao City celebrating the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up with the theme of "Siming Resonance" was exhibited at the Yuyao Museum. "Head" is vivid and reproduces the scene of Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, visiting Liangnong Old District in 2003. It was loved by the audience and praised by colleagues. The author Zhang Zhong is an enterprise boss engaged in instrument manufacturing and a member of the Provincial Artists Association. As an amateur painter, for more than 40 years, he has not stopped in the pace of creation, recording the beauty of the city and the beauty of nostalgia with his unique pen and ink, and making continuous efforts to promote the local culture of Yuyao.

  There is love in my heart
  Zhang Zhong is able to outline the charm of people, scenery, and things with a few strokes. Take "Love and Warm Hengkantou" as an example. In the picture, Comrade Xi Jinping is having a heart-to-heart talk with veterans and villagers in the old district. The scene is warm and touching, and the composition is very well placed. Just after the Spring Festival in 2018, General Secretary Xi wrote a special letter to all party members in Hengkantou Village, encouraging the people in the old district to make persistent efforts to build a prosperous, civilized, and livable beautiful village. Zhang Zhong feels particularly lucky that he can paint this historic moment with a brush.
   From receiving the task to completing the painting for half a year, Zhang Zhong did his best to change the draft seven times. In order to truly "restore" the scene, he asked the folks to put on thick down jackets, pretend to be characters and poses, and then repeatedly choose angles. He tried various angles for standing and sitting, and he also prepared a table setting. Roasted taro, melon seeds, peanuts, tea and other props. "The leader's portrait is not just painted randomly. Not only is the shape better, but the god must also be good." Old artist Mao Yongfang commented on this painting. "The overall layout of this work is better. The image of General Secretary Xi has both the image and the shape, giving the audience a sense of intimacy. .
  As a witness of reform and opening up, Zhang Zhong sticks to the artistic position, constantly explores the language of pen and ink, and puts the warmest and deepest emotions hidden in his heart into his pen, solidified in a sketch of simple beauty. Tongji Bridge, train switch house, Fengshan TV turntable...These are not only the protagonists of his original sketches, but also the records of Yuyao's old appearance before the reform and opening up. He often sketches on business trips, depicting local customs and customs.
  Zhang Zhong loves the earth and respects laborers. He often targets ordinary laborers and tries his best to show their love of life and hard work and optimistic life, such as "Ancient City River Protector", "Spring Bamboo Shoots on the Market", "Happy Picking Mustard" and "Delivery Workers". The pen is "human touch" and has moving power. When he painted "The Scenery of Wushengmen Road", it caused the residents to watch, and the emotional closeness shortened the psychological distance, making his brushwork relaxed and natural, blending with the landscape, and full of vitality. It not only showed the style and features of Yangming's hometown, but also showed Yang. The markets in the hometown of Ming Dynasty are varied. As a volunteer of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Associations and the Municipal Artists Association, he has participated in the "Three Going to the Countryside" activities and sympathy activities organized by the city for many times. Deep love.


Zhang Zhong "Love Warm Hengkantou"

  Inheritance of strong nostalgia and ink fragrance
  With the deepening of sketching, Zhang Zhong came into contact with a lot of Yuyao’s "present and past lives" and found that his hometown has a rich cultural heritage, and there are many things that can be unearthed and depicted. He has a keen interest in this and devoted a lot of energy to the study of literature and history for Yuyao Inheritance of traditional culture for creation.
  In 2016, Zhang Zhong created 38 illustrations of the temple for Linshan Temple culture. The historical buildings containing Linshan’s historical memory and cultural bloodlines are vividly displayed in front of people through the book “Linshan Temple in Watch and Memory” , To contribute to the continuation of the historical context cut off by Linshan. During the period, Zhang Zhong read related books, visited Linshan many times, asked the villagers about the temples in the past, learned about the location, orientation, and layout of the temple, and spent a lot of free time sketching in many places in our city to experience life, Accumulating creative materials, and not forgetting to pay attention to the characteristics of the local temples even on business trips, I finally found a turning point in the establishment and improvement of the sense of space and the determination of the overall architectural layout, and it became easy to describe the style and features of Linshan Temple.
  In January 2018, under the impetus of people of insight, Zhang Zhong set up the "Shunyang Art Garden" in his own company and held the "Wang Yangming Hometown Sketch Exhibition", and passed the "Yangming Hometown Remains" and "Yangming Hometown Style". The three themes of "Yangming's Hometown Vertically and Horizontally" showcased his 65 sketches and ink paintings, highlighting the cultural responsibility of an entrepreneur. Among them, the most representative works are his paintings in 2017, such as "Xinjian Bo's Memorial Arch", "Four Sages' Hometown Stele Pavilion", "Memorial to Zhongtai·Yangming Pavilion", "Ruiyun Tower", etc. Four to five hundred elementary school students have come to visit the exhibition. Through viewing images and listening to lectures, they can appreciate the scenery of Yangming’s hometown and the spiritual outlook of the citizens.
  As he grows older, Zhang Zhong keeps adjusting his interests, trying to record more historical and regional events in Yuyao. In the spring of 2017, during the construction of the Yuyao-Ningbo intercity train line, when he passed Yuyao Station, he saw that the infrastructure outside the southeast wall had taken shape, so he took time to sketch. At that time, the construction of comprehensive supporting projects was in full swing. It has left precious images for engineering construction.


Zhang Zhong is painting a portrait of Xu Shaorong, a villager in Guanluyan Village, Lubu Town


  Also draw and write, fight for the day

  Since 1976, Zhang Zhong, who is still in the art class of Yuyao Middle School, has been immersed in creation. Time flies, he is already a mature entrepreneur in his sixties, but he is still writing his art dream. He is engaged in electrical surveying and information technology, sketching, and ink figure painting. He has to constantly "switch" between abstraction and concreteness, and also resolve the time conflict between artistic creation and his own work.
"The passing away of many teachers and parents made me feel that I should cherish time, make full use of time, read more, record more, dig more, and form more resonant stories." Since then, he has never stopped writing, just 2018 There were 58 works in 2008. For an entrepreneur who makes a living by organizing, developing, and producing electronic measuring instruments, he is already quite diligent.
  God rewards hard work, Zhang Zhong’s works have been selected for 4 exhibitions organized by the Provincial Artists Association, and exhibited works such as "Captain of Agricultural Machinery", "Sketch in Zhejiang University", "Creating from the beginning-Yuyao is the foundation of water control", and "Pumping Station Construction Site". ; Since 2016, he has held 4 solo exhibitions in Yuyao, Ningbo and other places, namely, the footsteps of spring-Zhang Zhong painting exhibition, Wang Yangming's hometown sketch painting exhibition, Red Siming, Jianghe "Yong" reading-Zhang Zhong sketch exhibition, at the same time Published 6 collections of works including "Zhang Zhong's Sketches Collection", "Pen-and-Ink Character Portrait Collection-Style", "Scenery in the Scene-Landscape Sketches of Zhang Zhong".
  Zhang Zhong also paints and writes. From the previous light sketches to the current sketches and articles are synchronized, from creation records, memorial records to proposing articles on cultural construction, economic development, and social progress, 74 articles were written in 2017, 2018 Wrote 82 articles in the year. He excavated some of the disappeared old scenes of Yuyao in the middle of the last century and the stories that resonate one by one, and organized them into articles, such as "Master Xingzeng", "Grandma Shao's Master of Tap Water Faucet", and "Hoop of Fang Jingtou" "Cooper", etc., appeared in newspapers and websites successively, and some of them were also shown to readers with pictures and texts and received responses from readers, which further stimulated his enthusiasm for writing. To

(Source: Yuyao News Net-Yuyao Daily Editor: Wei Lijin)
(Photography: Zhang Ying)


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